What is
the AWB?

The Alzheimer’s Workbook is an easy to use, well organized guide for family caregivers that provides instant help and problem solving strategies as well as long term tracking and measurement of the disease’s progress. It is designed specifically for home and family caregivers. It is based on the classic five domain model of holistic health: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual which is one of the foundations of person-centered care.

The Alzheimer’s Workbook provides a holistic health approach that organizes major behaviors and skills into the five holistic health domains. Each behavior category is subdivided into skill categories from intact, or the ability to do something to the inability to do it. All of these categories are indexed to short discussions and lists of problem solving ideas from the least invasive, or strength preserving to the most invasive, least independent.

The discussion and problem solving strategies are presented as clear concise practical suggestions for actions designed to elicit beneficial behavioral outcomes.

The Alzheimer’s Workbook is a valuable tool for first time caregivers and a handy reference guide for experienced caregivers.