About the Author

Elizabeth Harwood Cochran is a mother, artist, and nurse. While raising their children she and her husband discovered that his mother had Alzheimer’s Disease. She and her family then cared for her mother-in-law in her home for 5 years. During that time Elizabeth discovered the constant need for new and more effective caregiving strategies and developed the idea for a system to make these strategies quickly available.

Elizabeth worked for 10 years developing the system, one that assists caregivers in tracking changes in behavior throughout the full spectrum of care and provides easy access to caregiving strategies.

This work culminated in the creation of the Alzheimer’s Workbook. Elizabeth then conducted a study with caregivers as part of her doctoral dissertation to examine the efficacy of the system. In the study she found that use of the Alzheimer’s Workbook significantly improves caregivers' abilities to problem solve while providing care in the home.

Elizabeth has a BSN from the University of Virginia, a MS in Health Education from the University of New Mexico, a doctorate in Theology from Holos University Graduate Seminary, and a doctorate in Energy Medicine from Greenwich University. She has worked for the last 16 years in the field of home healthcare.